With us you get the possibility to rest surrounded by picturesque nature. But sometimes just being is not enough. For such cases, our partners and we offer various options for filling your time on holiday.

Interesting tours around Vormsi

Sailing with historical Vormsi “ruppa”

Historical wooden boats are built on the island (OÜ Vormsi Paat).
On the bay and around the island, you can sail with Vormsi “ruppa”, which has carried men around the Baltic Sea for hundreds of years.
By instructions from the boat master it is possible to have a try on one’s first sail with a boat.

Bow shooting

An interesting and instructive holiday can also include bow shooting.
We call for instructors from Kullametsa Bowtrack, who teach the shooting and carry out competitions.
A track with different targets is set up in nature, on which beginners and well as amateur Robin Hoods can measure their skills. (Starting from a group of ten people the price is 200-400 EEK per person.)

Interesting ways for arriving on the island

Ferry is not the only option for coming to the island.
A bit more effort is needed with opportunities provided by Reimann Retked.
In addition to Vormsi sea-kayaks can also be used to visit other smaller and bigger islands of Väinameri.
It is also possible to visit the islands in winter over the ice.

Fishing and hunting

During your stay on the island you can also relax by going fishing or hunting.
Our shallow waters and plentiful bays still serve as habitat for pikes and other fishes.
Fishers can also enjoy catching roach from the nearby port site.

In autumn, thousands of migratory birds fly above Vormsi island.
The wetlands and many peninsulas of the island serve as good places for bird hunting.

Seminars and training Rumpo Mäe Far with its picturesque surroundings and the entire island offers inspiration for painting and taking photos.
Our beautiful location is also suitable for holding seminars and trainings.
Stunning views to the sea open from the hall of Main House (accommodates up to 50 people).
In the hall, at the court and on the shore it is possible to organise inspirational training days, seminars and painting camps.

Suitable place for nature-lovers

During spring migration Vormsi is visited by tens of thousands of birds.
Altogether over two hundred different bird species have been seen on the island.
Our flora is also very rich in species.
Our farm is an ideal stop for serious bird-watchers as well as for people who simply enjoy nature.

360 KRAADI also offers different and interesting ways of getting to and from the island.